Diary of a Dying Man – excerpt

July 23, 2017 Sunday 10 am
Well, with the understanding, skillful assistance of my faithful, loving wife May, I was able to rise to the occasion
last night and experience an orgasm. I have been lying fallow for more than a week, and it was a welcome reprieve from
the boredom I was experiencing. The Mayo clinic wouldn’t give me an appointment and I suspect it was mainly due to my
age and the fact that I was already under the care of a competent cardiologist. Unfortunately, he failed to solve the
problem of my acute shortness of breath, which still persists. I believe my racquetball days are over. I had hoped
Dr. Wilson would be able to fix my problem, but c’est la vie!
I need to quit complaining mentally about my situation and remember to count my blessings, the greatest of which is to
have a loving, compassionate 66 year-old wife. In on of our pillow talks she said adamantly, “I’ll never put you in a
nursing home. Whatever they can do, I will be able to do.” That is very reassuring. From my current vantage point, I think
I’d rather be dead than be interned in a living-dead facility.
Ironically, I feel mentally and physically great despite the shortness of breath problem. I can do heavy-duty yard work,
but in short spurts. After five minutes of so, I sit in a lawn chair and suck on an ice cube. After it completely melts,
I go at it again, and when finished, I shower and spend 10 minutes in the hot tub where the water remains at 102o.
My body loves it! So much so, I hot-tub it at least three times a day.
My mind is restless, having no project to satisfy its penchant to be worked. Since my novel is not due to be published for
about a year, all I can do to keep my mind tuned up and satisfied is to prod myself to work on this book hoping what I have
to say will not bore your mind..
In mulling over my options, I recalled trying to write a book titled An Ageless Mind in an Old Body, but was stymied by
the lack of enough to say to warrant making a book out of it. The topic involves an intriguing paradoxical notion: Our
bodies age and deteriorate but our minds, if nourished and kept active, improve with age. At least, that has been the
case with mine.
I shake my head and sigh when I think about how naïve I was even at age 21 in 1942. Back then, we Brooklyn, New York street
kids didn’t read newspapers, nor were there TVs or the internet to keep us apprised of what was going on in the world.
When it was announced over the radio that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor, I asked the guy I was playing pool with,
“Where the hell is Pearl Harbor?” The full impact of the tragic even didn’t hit me until I was drafted in the army a year
later. Of course, I, as were millions of other Americans, was incensed and anxious to kill me some Japs. How chagrined,
(and naïve) I was to be denied a rifle and assigned to the medical corps!
Now, some 75 years later, I realize how ignorant I was. Mainly, via the internet, the greatest source of information next
to books, I learned that all of the wars, from Viet Nam onward, were unnecessary and that our youths were and are merely
expendable pawns doing the dirty work mainly for corporations and millionaire top-level politicians in the U.S. and abroad
(i.e. Israel) who couldn’t care less about them and their families. And the game, the lies and the propaganda still goes on,
nurtured and spread by the corrupt Main Media that is mostly owned by only six corporations. The true story of how the U.S.
is self-destructing can only be found on the internet. It’s too long a story to tell in this book. For more, visit these websites:
Oped News
Paul Craig Roberts
Chris Hedges
The Drudge Report
Ralph Nader
Robert Reich
John Kiriakou
Edward Snowden
Chelsea Manning

My body is at the end of its tether, but my mind continues its quest to learn as much as possible before it bids adieu to the
wondrous body that has served it well, so far, for almost a 100 years!
Lastly, wife May and I went to the beach yesterday. There were bikini-clad women everywhere. It’s not only minds that are ageless.
Eyes are too. I couldn’t control my eyes and the effect they produced on my mind. They stared as hungrily at the scantily clad
bodies as they did when I was a teenager, and afterwards, even until now! Is that being naughty? Am I a dirty old man? Frankly,
guys, I don’t give a damn! To my mind, life is a constant search for pleasure, and I agree with Shakespeare who said that
“A woman is a dish for the gods…!” (Antony and Cleopatra: Act 5, Scene 2.)