Please tell me…

There is a considerable amount of circumstantial evidence verifying the existence of an Intelligent Designer that I present in my book Divine Mysteries. One: Since I
have evidently been created, isn’t it self-evident that there must be a Creator that did it? (And, since I am Intelligent, doesn’t it follow that my Creator must be a hell-u-va-lot more Intelligent than I am?
Which raises the basic question: “WHY were we created?” Which raise the related question:
“WHY were YOU and I created?”
Tell me and I will post your reasons in the Blog. I have my own reasons which I will post next time with or without your reply.
The One and Only Francis T. Sganga, who is a 93 year-old, racquetball-playing, motorcycle-riding retired educator-turned writer who still gets a Big Bang out of life about once a week when I take my 63 year-old wife on a thrilling trip to Australia, that country “down under.”
Ain’t Life beautiful!!!

I once told a preacher that God made a Big Mistake. He replied sternly, “God NEVER makes mistakes!” I looked him straight in the eye and said, “He sure did when He made SEX PLEASURABLE! Think of all the trouble that has caused: Rapes, prostitution, pedophiles (Think CATHOLIC “PRIESTS”), divorces, homosexuality, you name it.” Then, grinning, I said, “It’s all worth it, isn’t it?” No response.

At 93, I’ve come to the conclusion, that after survival, there is nothing more important than sex, and I’m grateful I can still “do it!” even without pills, no less.