Words of Wisdom for Parents

Monday evening September 28, 2015 sicari1921@gmail.com

Richer than I you can never be
for I had a mother who read to me.
Strickland Gillian

Reading, Curiosity and Questioning are
the surest paths to Intelligence and Wisdom.

A great way to bond with your child, to increase their knowledge and understanding
and to help them succeed in school and life, is to read a good book with them just
before they go to sleep. A bonus will be peace of mind because the stories you read
to them will erase away the cares of the day.
I wrote a children’s book that I would be happy to email you free of charge. You
can check it out out Amazon’s Kindle store. Its title:
Words of Wisdom for Children.



A Great Movie

Sunday evening September 27, 2015 sicari1921@gmail.com

We watched a great movie last nite – WORDS AND PICTURES. I was pleasantly surprised that
Hollywood would produce a movie that provokes THINKING, and was pleased with the happy ending.
It was an example of the saying that:

A good book and a good movie are those that make you THINK.

In this one two professors, one male and one female, go to “war” to prove that “words”
are more powerful than “pictures.” To my mind they are complementary. A good writer
“paints a picture” using words. In all 11 of my Kindle ebooks, I use lots of pictures
to further illustrate what I am saying using words.

One powerful example: In discussing the POWER of words, I refer to the fact the Jesus
was killed because of the WORDS He used, and I have a PICTURE of Him cruelly nailed
to a cross.

Beware the HUMANOIDS!

Saturday Evening September 26, 2015 sicari1921@gmail.com

This is from my Kindle ebook HUMANISTS VS. HUMANOIDS -The eternal struggle between
good and evil. It’s why I am fighting the Coast Dental clinic (esp. Humanoid
“Dr.” Gwendolyn Ann Traylor who is responsible for my being financially ripped off
and subjected to unnecessary pain!):
Youths of the World,
Freedom Fighters

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted;
the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the
voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for Evil
to triumph.”
Haile Selassie

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are Evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
Albert Einstein

“Bullies may be the perpetrators of evil, but it is the Evil of passivity of all
those who know what is happening and never intervene that perpetuates such abuse.”
Philip Zimbardo


One Taxpayer’s Revolt Against the “System”

Friday September 25, 2015 sicari1921@gmail.com

Re my losing battle with Coast Dental. I sent a letter of complaint to Gov. Scott and
got this reply from Martha Lynn, Office of Citizen Services, Executive Office of the Governor:

“Although we appreciate your concerns and your best source of assistance is to contact
Commissioner Putnam’s Office directly.”

I then sent this letter to her today:

Dear Ms. Lynn:

I followed your advice to no avail and was told:

“We are an informal mediation process and cannot force a business to take any action” You’ll
have to take them to court.”

(Sure! Anyone know a lawyer who will represent me for $1 an hour?)

To Lynn:
I strongly believe we taxpaying citizen’s have a right to be protected and defended
against unscrupulous businesses who rip us off with impunity. What should be done is
to pass legislation
giving the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services power to fine companies
that refuse to arbitrate with complaining citizens as Coast Dental did in my case.

Since Governor Scott is an ex-businessman, I doubt that my suggestion will become a
reality, but I tend to follow the saying that “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Last week I sent my complaint to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Iowa, and
have yet to hear from them.

I shall not give up seeking justice until I have exhausted all of my options. I will
keep posting my concerns on Face Book and my website. I am following the admonition of
St. James who said:

“Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him it is a sin.”

A sincere frustrated taxpayer,
Francis T. Sganga

Stay tuned. I have just begun to fight!!!

Afterthought: Anybody willing to make a contribution to my taking them to court? I sure would
relish doing it!!! We live check to check and can’t afford to do it.

Citizen’s Alert!

September 24, 2015

Greetings from: sicari@gmailc.com:

A Warning!
Beware of this business tactic. They will…
1. Lure you into their trap with “freebies.”
(such as “Free x-rays and an examination” by
shady dentists.)

2. Con you into signing a contract before they will treat you.

3. They will screw you financially. Two visits to the Coast Dental clinic
( a corporation with 25 clinics in Florida alone) cost me more than $2000
including a “deep cleaning” (1/2 an hour) that cost me $1,149.40. I didn’t
have that much cash, but not to worry. They engineered a loan for me at
Synchrony bank with easy payments over a period of two years!

Well, I tried these ways to nail them, including filing a well-documented
complaint with:
1. The Governor
2. The State Attorney (No replay)
3. The Florida Board of Dentistry
4. The Florida Health Department
5. Channel 9 investigative reporters (No reply)
6. To the Dentist: Dr. Gwendolyn Ann Traylor at 1119 So. Dixie Freeway,
New Smyrna Beach,
FL 32168 with a note telling he “If she you aware or condone what I have
accused you of in my complaint, I don’t know how you can live with yourself.” (No reply.)

7. AARP (No reply.)

8. Coast Dental Clinic headquarters in Tampa (No reply)

9. My Humana agent. (No reply)

10. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, who told me
they had “no teeth,” and I would have to take the thieves to court
at my own expense.

The bottom line? If you seek justice as a ripped-off taxpayer, you’ll
find it under “j” in the dictionary!!! Obviously, The System” is rigged
against us. Corporations run the State and our Nation via their unlimited
contributions (BRIBES!) to politicians’ campaigns.

I hate to admit that I’ve unwittingly been there, which proves “A sucker
is born every minute.” It happened when I needed some dental work and went
to a the Coast Dental clinic associated with Humana, my medical insurance
company, where I was ripped off “real good!”
And, the worst part is that there is nothing you can do about it except
taking them to court at you own expense understanding that good lawyer
charges about $250 an hour.

For a copy of my documented complaint, email me: sicari1921@gmail.com

I don’t really expect any responses.

I’m just using this opportunity to VENT!!!


Words of Wisdom from Departed Souls

Monday Evening September 21, 2015 sicari1912@gmail.com

From my book: A Heartfelt Thank You to My Intelligent Designer

Since you are reading this book, I presume you enjoy reading. I do. Lots of it.
This is why:

Except for a living man there is nothing
more wonderful than a book!
A message to us from the dead –
from human souls we never saw,
who lived perhaps thousands of miles away.
And yet these, in those little sheets of paper,
speak to us, arouse us, terrify us, teach us,
comfort us, open their hearts to us as brothers.
Charles Kingsley

From my screenplay with the same title

Folk Song
There are treasures on earth
that are hidden from view,
like the air’s clear vapors
that turn into dew.

We struggle and sweat
this cruel world to survive,
not one of us here now,
will long be alive.

But we’ll never give up
Life’s too precious to leave,
We’ll keep right on searching
He will help us believe.

I looked the world over,
Wandering for years,
Finding nothing but grief
And shed lots of tears.

I sought self-fulfillment
In all the wrong places,
My biggest mistakes
Were all pretty faces.

I asked myself often
“What good is success?
And the fast cars I have,
Or even the way that I dress.”

Is this all there is?
Hypocrites and liars,
False people galore
With their phony desires?

Then suddenly I knew,
When my heart nearly burst,
I was searching the wrong places,
Not putting God first.

But who is this God
Who hovers above?
Can He be the source
Of our yearning for love?

To love and be loved
Is the goal of the wise,
For they know full well,
that, like God,
true love never dies.

Are there mores Losers in America than Winners?

Saturday evening 0/19/15 sicari1921@gmail.com

Stupid People
Trash our roadways.

Are Couch Potatoes who watch hours and hours of Soap Operas,
Situation Comedies, Reality TV and Sports.

Take better care of their Cars than they do their Bodies.

Sit on their asses spending 3-4 hours watching Sports on TV,
and never read books. (Since they don’t read books, I am safe
in saying this!)

Are discourteous, rude, self-centered and prone to Road Rage.

Raise Bullies and Brats.

Smoke, drink excessively and do drugs.

Place greater importance upon Things rather than People.

Abuse Animals, Nature or others.

Adore “Celebrities.” Clamor for their autographs.

Are Slobs with Slum mentalities.

Are Know-it-alls.

Are society’s Parasites who only take and never give.

Father Children they don’t support.

Screw each other without Love and Commitment.

I think so!

It’s unbelievable to me, as an ex-teacher and principal that we’ve
reached the point in the United States where armed policemen are
needed to protect students and teachers in our schools.

God help America!!! It sure can’t help itself anymore.


Hear ye! Hear Ye!

Friday September 18, 2015 sicari1921@gmail.com

I am determined
that I shall not depart
from this beautiful God-created world
without having made every effort possible
to leave a mark, however small,
that proves I,
Francis Thomas Sganga,
once existed,
and did my best to make it better
than it was after I entered it.
This way, I will die feeling that my life
had not been for naught
Every man is potentially
a hero or a genius;
it’s mainly inertia
that stands in the way.

So, you are hearing it from a NOBODY still striving to be a SOMEBODY.
I love the challenge!

A Warning to the Grim Reaper

I wrote the poem below during a boring staff meeting I was required to attend
when I was a Mathematics Supervisor in the Volusia County, FL school system.
For whatever reason, my mind often contemplated Death, which motivated me to
try to “get it all done” before the final curtain came down:

Death! Don’t Come Too Soon!
Why does Death
stare so at me,
I’ve only lived
to thirty-three?
Why does Death
wish me ill,
a man who’s spread
so much good will?
I feel Him there,
in all I do,
hence haste I must
to get all through.
For if He takes me
in my prime,
my Soul won’t rest
past judgment time.
So Death beware
if you snatch me now
you’ll be getting a man
with a furrowed brow.
For those who ask,
why haste young man?
Please listen close
to my worried plan.
I’m afraid I’ll die
before I’ve fulfilled,
all hopes and plans
my Soul has willed.
‘Tis this great fear
that drives me on
to do my work
before I’m gone.
For how could Life
be deemed worthwhile
if I leave no note
in the World’s Great File?