To My Dear Wife on Her 64th

Sunday September 14, 2015

I wish I were a rich man
with an awful lot of dough,
I’d buy you lots of presents
“Cause you’re the best person that I know.
I wish I could tell you
exactly how I feel,
but words can’t do you justice,
you’re a treasure that’s for real.
So, I’ll say it short and sweet,
and God only knows,
how much I really love you,
now take off your clothes!

Lover Boy

The Benefits of an Orgasm

Saturday Evening September 12, 2015

From: Mercola.Com

Sexual Orgasms Increases LONGEVITY

November 7, 2006

Having regular (and enthusiastic) sex confers a host of measurable
physiological advantages to both men and women.
In one of the most credible studies tracking overall health with
sexual frequency, the mortality of roughly 1,000 middle-aged men
was tracked over the course of a decade.
Men who reported the highest frequency of orgasm experienced half
the death rate. Other studies have correlated frequency of sex
with, among other benefits:
*An improved sense of smell
*A reduced risk of heart disease
*eight loss and overall fitness
*Reduced depression
*Pain relief
*Less-frequent colds and flu
*Better bladder control
In physiological terms, women experience no possibility of “overdosing”
and experience no dangers from too much sex. Men, however, can damage
their penile tissue with too much rough or forceful sex, especially now
that drugs such as Viagra and Levitra can allow for more staying power.

I believe there ought to be a national ORGASM DAY to celebrate of God’s
greatest gifts and one of the few that can produce the euphoria of

Incidentally, guess why I’ve made it to 94+ and do all I can to encourage
my wife to contribute to my LONGEVITY, and she does.

The Italian Stallion

Stupid People (Losers)

Friday September 11, 2015

Are Couch Potatoes who watch hours and hours of Soap Operas,
Situation Comedies, Reality TV and Sports.

Take better care of their Cars than they do their Bodies.

Sit on their asses spending 3-4 hours watching Sports on TV,
and never read books. (Since they don’t read books, I am safe
in saying this!)

Are discourteous, rude, self-centered and prone to Road Rage.

Raise Bullies and Brats.

Smoke, drink excessively and do drugs.

Place greater importance upon Things rather than People.

Abuse Animals, Nature or others.

Adore “Celebrities.”

Are Slobs with Slum mentalities.

Are Know-it-alls.

Are society’s Parasites who only take and never give.

Father Children they don’t support.

Screw each other without Love.

The Italian Stallion has spoken

Ah Sex! How Sweet It Is!!

Thursday Evening September 10, 2015

Greetings to those who’d rather make Love than make War:

Have you ever wondered WHY you exist? Here’s one possible reason:

The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám is the title that Edward FitzGerald gave to his
translation of a selection of poems, originally written in Persian and of
which there are about a thousand, attributed to Omar Khayyám (1048–1131),
a Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer. The most quoted stanza:

A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread–and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness–
Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!

The Persian poem motivated me to write this:

The Rubáiyát of Francis T. Sganga

My Princess lies beside me;
Her head cradled,
In the crook of my arm.

Our legs are entwined,
As her breasts press against mine.
Our passionate kisses,
Are sweeter than wine

Can Heaven be better?

We are one,
Kissing mouth to mouth,
Tongue to tongue,
Soul to Soul.
We are lost to oblivion.

Oblivion is timeless,
As is the moment,
When two lovers savor
That final moment of ecstasy.
~*~ *~* ~* ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

To my Creator: A heartfelt Thank You!!!

The Italian Stallion

My Epitaph

Wednesday Evening September 9, 2105

I’m not being morbid; just having fun with the Grim Reaper,
letting him know I ain’t scared of him!

here lies Sganga,
who did his best,
he no longer frets
‘cause he’s laid to rest.
If you ever got to know him
he was not so bad a guy
who’s rather tell the Truth
than ever live a lie.
So, when you’re near his grave,
give his stone a little pat,
tell him you’re sad he’s gone
and let it go at that.


The Italian Stallion Who Can Still Do it!

Let’s hear It For Us Old Folks!

Tuesday Evening September 8, 2015

What’s it like to be OLD?
Some may wonder why we old folks tend to TELL IT LIKE IT IS and have an
“I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ATTITUDE,” as I do, especially about politics and the
terrible things that are going on in the World and in our country that I
do a damn thing about.

I liken the situation to the attitude of fighter pilots during WW II who
had a similar attitude prior to taking off to engage in dogfights with
enemy pilots. It’s because their lives are on the line and they’re not
sure they will survive the confrontation with enemy pilots who are just
as well-trained as they are.

With Death waiting in the wings for them as it is for us old folks, we

The fact that, as I approach 95, I am relatively close to the end of my
existence, is very sobering, as is the fact that events, like 9/11, that
seemed to happen just a short while ago actually happened FOURTEEN YEARS
AGO! In just 5 years, I will be 100, in one way or another.

Five years! How quickly they will disappear!!!

Oh, well. it’s another case of my not being able to do a damn thing about
it, so, I will now take time out to count my blessings.

As I sip my morning cup of coffee in my rocking chair on our porch
peacefully meditating for an half an hour or so, I gaze at the Florida
flora,and birds and butterflies flitting by and savor the experience of
just being alive as I used to savor the final licks of an ice cream cone
when I was a kid. Louis Armstrong summed up my feelings when he sang:

I see trees of green,
red roses too.
I see them bloom
for me and you.
And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world.

Ignorant Scientists

Monday September 27, 2015 10 p.m.

All of the cells, such as those making up hearts, brains, muscles, livers
and nerves, contain a Nucleus “floating” inside a jelly-like substance
called Cytoplasm. The amazing thing is that inside that microscopic nucleus
are Genes that contain a vast amount of information, which famous astronomer
Carl Sagan said:

“The blue prints, detailed instructions and job orders for building you from
scratch would fill about 1000 encyclopedias if written out in English. Yet,
each cell in your body has a set of these encyclopedias.”

Okay. Here’s something to really think about: What is this Information and
where did it come from? The Information contains the blueprints and directions
for making the thousands of parts you are made of that, when assembled together,
following the directions embedded in your Genes, winds up making You!

There are scientists, known as neo-Darwinists, and world-famous Stephen Hawking
is one of them, who say “Evolution did it.” Well, to my mind, Evolution is a kind
of mechanical process that merely makes changes in organisms that already exist.
Okay, then:

* Where did the Spark of Life come from?
* Where did Minds come from”
* Where did our Sense of Beauty come from”
*Where did Music come from?
*Where did new, Inventive Ideas come from?
*Where did LOVE come from?
*Where did the multitude of Pleasures come from?
*Where did the thousands of Languages come from?
*Who, but an ineffable Creator, can transform a single
cell the size of this dot . into you?

If not an Intelligent Creator, then “who?” The Atoms and Molecules we
are made of?

From such atomic “dust” I came, and to such atomic “dust” I shall return.
Everything in between was lit by the God-given Spark of Life.

This epitaph says it all in a nutshell:

Once I wasn’t,
then I was,
and now I ain’t again.

And it was all made possible by the injection of a mysterious Spark of Life into
that first molecular entity that eventually, after billions of years, finally
produced the Miracle that You.

My new book to come: Parting Thoughts of a 95 Year-old Optimist

Sunday Evening September 6, 2015

Wisdom is with the aged,
and understanding
in the length of days.
Job 12:12

I am an old man who is only 5 years away from being 100. That’s what I tell
my opponents on the racquetball court just before I serve the ball to
“psyche them out.” Their usual response, “Sure, old man, serve the damn
ball and cover your butt!”

Matthew Arnold said:
Truth sits upon the lips
of dying men.

I suspect that is a way of preparing yourself to meet your Maker, hoping
you will pass the test for entering the Pearly Gates. But, that is no concern
of mine. I am a life-long stickler for the Truth, which to my mind, is the
reward you get when you search diligently for Understanding the world you
live in and the role you should play during your brief existence on planet
Much of the Understanding I acquired is reflected in this book, and the
precursor to that understanding, was the need to Know Myself. What does
that mean? To me, it means that everything I do must be Soul-Satisfying,
and the criterion that is based upon is whether or not what I do has
Redeeming Value. One example: I do not go to see movies or watch TV
shows steeped in chaotic mayhem, bloody violence and loveless sex.
I hope this book has the Redeeming Value that satisfies your Soul,
and if so, you and I are Kindred Spirits whose Souls constantly seek
Truth and Understanding.


Next New Book – #11

Saturday – September 5, 2015 – 10 p.m.

Karl Wallenda, the famous tightrope walker said:

“Being on a tightrope is living;
all else is waiting.”

I feel the same way about writing. I am happily updating a book I
wrote two years ago, which I have tentatively re-titled:

Parting Thoughts of a 95 Year-old Optimist

This is an excerpt from Chapter 2:

Famous Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas (1914-1953), wrote in his poem,
Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night:

Old age should burn and rave at the close of day,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I don’t see much point in doing that. I will accept my inevitable demise
as I do the inevitable aches and pains my body is heir to as it slowly
but surely deteriorates, as all living things must, because it’s the price
we pay for the marvelous, exciting and interesting Gift of Life, which I
am more than willing to pay.
I prefer assuming ex-President Jimmy Carter’s perspective on Life. Jimmy
Carter, our 39th president, announced on August 20, 2015 that he was dying
of cancer. He showed us a way of facing death without fear, but with the
grace and calmness that came from his deep religious faith in his belief
in an extended afterlife of joy and happiness in heaven.
He told a group of admirers that when told of his fatal cancer, “I was
surprisingly at ease” and confessed at being startled at his own response,
saying, “I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t go into an attitude of
despair and anger.” :He later added:

“I’ve had a wonderful life, thousands of friends, an exciting and adventurous
and gratifying existence.”

Carter’s perspective on Life includes a deep sense of Gratitude to his
Creator for his Gift of Life, a perspective I share with him. He will be 91
on October 1, 2015. I am close to 95. How grateful I am to have no significant
ailments, to be able to play racquetball and ride a 750 lb. Yamaha motorcycle
and still be able to enjoy being sexually active!
One other blessing I am grateful for is my being mentally fit enough able to
write 10 books that are currently available at Amazon’s Kindle store, this
one on the verge of making it 11 in all.

Oh, my goodness, I nearly forgot the most important asset of all, which is
reflected in this poem:

To my Wife, May
You are my wife;
You are my life.
There is nothing I can’t do
with you beside me.

You put joy in my Soul;
you are the source of my Light
and my main reason for being.

Thank you, God, for the gift of May,
whose Soul mirrors mine
in a miraculous way.

How lonely I was
before May came to me,
I saw little to live for,
no reason to be.

Now life has new meaning,
with May by my side,
the world’s now my oyster,
I face it with pride.

So, take my hand into yours,
dear love of my life,
let’s enjoy every moment
as husband and wife.

What I am doing, is what we should all do, and that is COUNT MY BLESSINGS!

Oh, yes. And let’s not forget to THANK OUR CREATOR, from whom all blessings flow!

With affection,
Fortunate Frank,

A Tribute to My Wife, May

Friday September 4, 2015 11:45 p.m.
I’m at:

To my wife, May

A good wife makes the cares of the world sit easy,
and adds a sweetness to its pleasures;
She is a man’s best companion in prosperity,
and his best, if not only, friend in adversity;
The most careful preserver of his health,
And the kindest attendant on his sickness;
A faithful advisor in distress,
A comforter in affliction,
And a discreet manager of his domestic affairs.
L.M. Stretch

You are the best, Babe, and I want the Whole World to know it!

Fortunate Frank